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7 Quick Tips for Garage Door Maintenance

Your garage door in Winnipeg works incredibly hard year-round to keep your home safe and comfortable, yet it’s probably one of the last things on your to-do list when it comes to maintenance. Here are seven maintenance tips for your overhead door in Winnipeg to help keep it running trouble-free.

  1. Keep an eye on it. Like most mechanical devices around your home, your eyes and ears are the best first line of defense. Look and listen to your garage door when it runs. Does it make unusual noises? Is it jerky or slower than you remember? Is one side lower than the other? These are tell-tale signs that a bigger problem may be forthcoming if you don’t do something now.

  2. Check the cables and springs. Any rust or cracks in the springs, or frayed or rusty cables should be dealt with immediately. Because they are under such high tension, they can do serious harm if they break. If you notice these signs of wear on your overhead door, call us right away at Transcona Overhead Doors—we’ll send a technician out to appraise the situation.

  3. Check entire mechanism. Tighten any loose fasteners. Replace worn or crooked roller wheels, tracks and hinges. Remember to be extra careful if you need to climb a ladder to reach any components. If a maintenance job on your garage door is outside of your comfort zone, call us. We’re pros at routine maintenance and spotting problems before they get out of hand.

  4. Lubricate. Check your owner’s manual for the recommended lubricants. Rollers and hinges need regular oiling. Wipe springs with motor oil every three or four years. Lubricate door-opener chain by wiping it with a rag soaked with light oil.

  5. Clean and check garage door. Keep tracks free of dirt and debris. Wooden doors are prone to paint peeling, warping and rot. Steel doors can rust. Address these issues promptly and you will add years of life to your garage door.

  6. Replace weather stripping. Any cracked or damaged weather stripping should be replaced immediately to keep the elements out.

  7. Test balance. An improperly balanced garage door means your opener works harder than it should, reducing its lifespan. Disconnect the opener by pulling the overhead release handle. Lift the door manually to about waist-height. If it falls or rises on its own, the torsion springs need to be adjusted. This is a tricky operation that is best left to the pros.

Contact us at Transcona Overhead Doors for expert advice, maintenance, repairs and replacement of your overhead door in Winnipeg. We’re here to help!


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