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Mosquito prevention

Keep Bugs from Invading Your Garage with Garage Door Screens in Winnipeg

Repurpose Your Garage into a Hobby Lounge, Exercise Room or Games Room

Turn your garage into a gazebo or maybe a bright, ventilated workshop. Garage door screens are a cost-effective way to transform your garage into a functional space. The screen lets the sunshine in but keeps the critters out.

garage screen door
garage screen door


Benefits of a Garage Door Screen

Some added benefits of installing a garage door screen is it allows you to have a separate area outside the home for pets to run free, and a space to entertain guests and indulge in a card game and drinks. Screen doors allow you to have fresh air circulate throughout your garage while keeping out insects, windblown dirt and debris, stray animals and intruders.

The screen doors are easy to install and use. The screen attaches to your brick mould around your door using swivel stud fasteners which are corrosion resistant and rustproof. When the screen is down you can still operate your overhead door. When the screen is not in use, simply use the straps to keep it out of the way. When winter hits, undo the top fasteners and it comes off easily. Screen doors also feature a splash guard strip at the bottom.

Made from black fiberglass screen, our garage screens in Winnipeg are double stitched to heavy duty poly-fabric, and are UV stabilized to provide years of use. Additional benefits include:

  • Outside installation allows for normal operation of door

  • Strong, corrosive-resistant easy-off fasteners

  • Splash kick guard with sleeve for optional weight

  • Universal fit on or inside brick mold frames

  • Standard door sizes of

  • 8’ x 7’

  • 9’ x 7’

  • 9’ x 8’

  • 16’ x 7’

  • 16’ x 8’

Pricing varies depending on size. Call today for more information.


Why Choose Us

If you want to create a private space outside of your home that you can use for leisure activities in Winnipeg, a garage door screen can help you create the perfect enclosure which is secure yet not completely cut-off from the rest of the house. We provide easy to operate and efficient garage door screens that can help you transform your garage into a supplemental space where you can host game nights, start a small business, host a garage sale or just use it for storing your excess household materials. Working on a spring-loaded mechanism, the doors are swift, convenient and uncomplicated.

We provide homeowners with the convenience and utility of efficient garage door screen solutions that enhance the aesthetic value of their outdoor spaces while giving them practical additional space that they can use. Transcona Overhead Doors Ltd. is a family-run business that strives to provide comprehensive garage door screens across Winnipeg.

As further corroboration of our commitment to quality, we provide you with a lifetime warranty on workmanship for all our installations. We are a value-driven enterprise that has established a notable reputation for itself over the years of providing distinguished services. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of all our endeavors. Call us today to speak to our team about our products and installation services.

Durable and Hard-Wearing Garage Door Screens in Winnipeg

Our outdoor screens are crafted out of high-quality and durable materials to ensure that they last the test of time. They are manufactured with strong and resistant raw materials to ensure that they can manage heavy use without any considerable maintenance. The highly resistant screen provides complete protection from dust, pests, snow and moisture, providing you with a safe place to secure your belongings.

With our door screen installations in Winnipeg, we aim to provide you with complete functionality and trouble-free experience for years. Contact us today for effortless entry and exit systems for your garage.

A Preferred Provider of Garage Door Screens in Winnipeg

We provide sturdy and heavy-duty garage door screen solutions for your outdoor enclosures. 


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