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Electric Garage Door Opener in Winnipeg


Is your garage door not opening at all or getting stuck midway? Does your garage door make too much noise or move very slowly? These issues may arise due to faults in your garage door opener. If you face these or any other problems, do not try to fix them yourself. Doing so, you may harm yourself and/or damage the garage door too. Contact Transcona Overhead Doors Ltd. for a full range of high-quality garage door openers sourced from reputed manufacturers. Our team of technicians offers effective and timely installation, repair, and replacement of garage door openers. Whether a small repair job or a multiple-door installation project, we will work with the same dedication and efficiency. Our reliable business practices and quality services have helped us emerge as a leading business entity in this region. Reach out today to learn more about us.

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Benefits of Automatic Garage Door Openers

Automatic garage door openers are not challenging to install. Doors with automatic openers are durable and easy to use. Such garage doors seldom need repair or replacement services. Have a look at the benefits of automatic garage door openers:


Prevents injury

Automatic garage door openers make our garage door safe, so even kids and the elderly can use it with a push of a button. You’ll never have to worry about the door closing on them thanks to the door sensors.


Enhances security

Automated garage doors also allow you to set a temporary guest keypad code and a vacation mode. This eliminates the need to continuously change your own garage door code to ensure security. You can create a guest code any time someone needs to enter your garage with your permission while you aren’t home.



Automated garage doors help to minimize personal effort and make your everyday life easy. You’ll make a shift from house keys to a remote or a phone app or keypad code to access your garage!

If you also plan to upgrade the garage door openers in your Winnipeg home, call or visit us. We will be glad to serve you!

Basic Components of a Garage Door Opener

There are various mechanical systems that allow garage doors to open and close smoothly and safely. To make sure that your garage door is in proper shape, it is a good idea to know some of the primary parts of a garage door opener:

  • Garage door sensors - Photo-eye safety sensors are located on either side of the garage door near the floor. They work properly when one sensor emits a laser while the other receives it.

  • Keypad and opener - Keypads and openers are both battery-operated. Automatic garage door openers have more safety features and can be controlled in many ways: directly from your car, your smartphone, your computer, or the opener itself.

How to Properly Choose a Garage Door Opener

Adding a garage door opener to your home goes beyond convenience - it provides better security and prevents injury. Evaluating your garage door, checking horsepower options, and considering drive and installation type are essential while choosing a garage door opener. At Transcona Overhead Doors Ltd, we assist you with the most appropriate garage door openers in Winnipeg.

Most Common Garage Door Opener Issues

It can be maddening when your garage door does not open during times of emergency. Whenever you start noticing a minor issue in your garage door, become cautious. It is better to contact a garage door specialist and get the problem fixed in the beginning. If left unattended, the issue may seriously damage property or life. Keep reading to get a better idea of garage door opening issues you may face:


  • Dead transmitter batteries: Every door opener needs power to function. It draws this power from transmitter batteries. If these batteries become dead or dysfunctional, the opener will not work.

  • Misaligned photo eye: Photo eyes are sensors to detect if something is obstructing the path of the door while it closes. The photo eyes help prevent the door from closing down on someone and causing serious damage. When a photo eye goes out of order, the door will take an abnormally high amount of time to open and close.

  • Twisted garage door track: The door will not open easily if you notice a gap between the rollers and the track. It is important to consult a professional door technician as it may be harmful to use such a door.

  • A buildup of debris in the door path: The reversing mechanism of garage door openers pushes the door backwards when an object blocks its path. Sometimes, debris, small metal pieces, and toys obstruct the door path.

  • Inoperative springs: If the door is closing quickly despite fully-operative transmitters and power panels, you should get its tension springs and cables checked.

  • Remote connectivity: A garage door opener is operated with the help of a remote. The remote regulates the motor of a garage door. If the remote becomes damaged or defective, it cannot be connected to the motor.

  • Overworked motor: The motor is needed to pull the garage door up and down. An overworked motor cannot function and must be fixed at the earliest.


As garage door professionals, we encounter a wide range of door-opening problems daily. Many times, the issues are entirely unexpected. If you also face one of these garage door opener issues in your Winnipeg home, contact Transcona Overhead Doors Ltd. Rest assured, we will resolve it promptly.

Reasons To Choose Us

Whenever you need a repair service for your garage door opener or the installation of a new one, let the Transcona Overhead Doors Ltd. team give you a hand. Our skilled technicians can guide you with all types and brands of openers. Stop struggling with your garage door opener problems, and book an appointment today. We put customer satisfaction at the forefront of everything we do.

Garage Door Opener in Winnipeg


From convenience to security, the right automatic garage door openers will make your life easier and more effective.

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