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Due to Covid-19 Shop is closed

Mon - fri 8am - 4pm work trucks only

Saturday - sunday closed


We will be closed for holidays on:

December 26, 27th and January 2nd

January 9th to  Jan 15th

February 24th to March 12th



COVID19 Update


To our valued customers,

As an essential business we will remain available to provide service to your residential overhead doors and openers. This will allow you to get to your jobs or to close broken doors to secure your valuable property.

We will continue to take extra cleaning precautions by disinfecting our payment terminals after each use and frequent hand sanitizing. We also disinfect frequently touched areas in the work trucks.


At this time, we prefer payments by debit, credit card or e transfer.

We also ask that you please give our workers a minimum of 6 feet distance while they do the required repairs.

Please let us know if you are in self-isolation, self-quarantine or if you are sick when you call to schedule service. We will not go into your house if you are.

If you are needing to purchase parts, we can arrange an appointment for pickup.

We hope you stay healthy and safe. Thank you for supporting our small business that has been family run for 47 years.


Electric Garage Door Opener in Winnipeg


Is your garage door not opening? Rather than potentially doing more damage, contact the professionals at Transcona Overhead Doors. We don’t recommend that you attempt to fix your garage door or garage door opener on your own. Only a qualified garage door technician should repair your door.

Benefits of Automatic Garage Door Openers


Automatic garage door openers are not challenging to install. In fact, they are quite the opposite. We suggest the use of automatic garage doors so that you don’t need to repair or fix your garage doors as often for the following reasons:


Prevents Injury

Automatic garage door openers make our garage door safe, so even kids and the elderly can use it with a push of a button. You’ll never have to worry about the door closing on them thanks to the door sensors.

Enhances Security 

Automated garage doors also allow you to set a temporary guest keypad code and a vacation mode. This eliminates the need to continuously change your own garage door code to ensure security. You can create a guest code any time someone needs to enter your garage with your permission while you aren’t home.



Automated garage doors help to minimize personal effort and make your everyday life easy. You’ll make a shift from house keys to a remote or a phone app or keypad code to access your garage!

Basic Components of a Garage Door Opener


There are various mechanical systems that allow garage doors to open and close smoothly and safely. To make sure that your garage door is in proper shape, it is a good idea to know some of the primary parts of a garage door opener:


  • Garage door sensors - Photo-eye safety sensors are located on either side of the garage door near the floor. They work properly when one sensor emits a laser while the other receives it.
  • Keypad and opener - Keypads and openers are both battery-operated. Automatic garage door openers have more safety features and can be controlled in many ways: directly from your car, your smartphone, your computer, or the opener itself.


How to Properly Choose a Garage Door Opener

Adding a garage door opener to your home goes beyond convenience - it provides better security and prevents injury. Evaluating your garage door, checking horsepower options, considering drive and installation type is important while choosing a garage door opener. At Transcona Overhead Doors Ltd, we assist you with the most appropriate garage door openers in Winnipeg.


Reasons To Choose Us

Whenever you're in need of repair service for your garage door opener or the installation of a new one, let the Transcona Overhead Doors Ltd. team give you a hand. Our skilled technicians can guide you with all types and brands of openers. Stop struggling with your garage door opener problems, and book an appointment today. We put customer satisfaction at the forefront of everything we do.



Garage Door Opener in Winnipeg

 From convenience to security, the right automatic garage door openers will make your life easier and more effective. 

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Shop is closed due to covid-19

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