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Steel Insulated Garage Doors in Winnipeg

Are you planning to replace and upgrade your garage door? Do you think your garage door needs an urgent repair as it makes too much noise? Are you looking for an experienced technician for garage door installation? If yes, look no further than Transcona Overhead Doors Ltd for residential overhead installation, repair, and replacement of garage doors in Winnipeg. Over the last 40+ years, we have built a reputation as one of the most trusted companies in this region.

We supply, install, and service steel insulated and non-insulated garage doors from industry-leading brands. Our heavy-duty garage screens are available in a variety of styles and sizes, and you get a wide range of options to choose from. 

We build high-quality garage doors that will not only withstand the elements of wear and tear but will also provide a level of security. If necessary, we can also frame openings to accommodate new garage door sizes. Get in touch with us for top-grade garage doors and services in Winnipeg.


Professional Spring Repair

Is your door very heavy? Maybe you have a broken spring. DO NOT attempt to change the springs on your own! This can be extremely dangerous. Always get professional help to manage such incidents. At Transcona Overhead Doors Ltd, we offer professional garage door installation and repair services. If your garage door is making noises, runs off-track, or gets stuck, do not ignore this. These signs indicate that your garage door needs repair or replacement. We have all the right tools and accessories to fix any kind of garage door with a workmanship guarantee. We can also replace frame openings to accommodate new garage doors.

Get in touch with us for all your questions related to the installation and repairs of garage doors in Winnipeg. Call us at 204-222-7943 for a free estimate on your garage door repair and replacement based on the size of frame openings and doors. Our team of technicians will respond to you as soon as we receive a service call.

Our service is backed by a guarantee of our workmanship.

Select one of our top suppliers below to find the door design that’s perfect for your property.

Brands We Carry

Select one of our top suppliers below to find the door design that’s perfect for your property.

Insulated garage doors are almost a necessity for Canadian homeowners who have to bear harsh winters throughout the year. If you have a non-insulated garage door, consider replacing it with an insulated one. See the points listed below to learn how the two differ from each other:


  • Initial cost: The initial buying cost of a non-insulated garage door is much less than an insulated one. However, insulated doors offer many benefits that balance their high upfront costs.

  • Soundproofing: Insulated doors are soundproof and quieter. Non-insulated doors completely fail to prevent outside noise from entering the garage. If you want silence and comfort, choose insulated doors. However, if you do not use the garage often, non-insulated doors may be the right choice for you.

  • Temperature regulation: Non-insulated garage doors do not offer much protection from the harsh weather outside. Insulated doors keep the temperature levels regulated and the surroundings comfortable.

  • Durability: Insulated doors are more durable and strong than non-insulated doors.

  • Energy costs: Insulated doors offer huge savings in energy costs. With their high energy savings and durability, they make up for their higher initial cost.


Contact Transcona Overhead Doors Ltd to understand your options and choose the right garage door for your house. Our service is backed by a guarantee of our workmanship. You can browse our image gallery to get some ideas.


Need a Door for Your Garage?


Get a full range of high-quality insulated and non-insulated garage doors in Winnipeg at Transcona Overhead Doors Ltd.

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