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5 Reasons Why Springtime is the Right Time to Look After Your Winnipeg Garage Doors

Garage Door Winnipeg

Spring has sprung and good for you if you’re getting a leg up on everything that needs to get done around the house! But have you given your garage door a thought? Let’s take a look at five good reasons why springtime is the right time to look after your Winnipeg garage doors:

  1. Winter’s hard. Your Winnipeg garage door works hard in winter, pushing through ice and snow umpteen times a day and dealing with extreme temperature fluctuations and neglect. It’s not uncommon for lift springs that have been exposed to moist garage air in winter to finally give way and snap in spring. The useful life of a garage door spring is five to six years. When did you change yours last? And springs that don’t provide the lift they should mean your door opener is working harder than it was meant to. Before your springs break and leave you in a lurch, have a garage door installation specialist in Winnipeg inspect them.

  2. Good prices and incredible selection. Many suppliers offer exceptional deals on garage doors early in spring to jump-start the construction season. If you haven’t replaced your garage door in Winnipeg in a while, you will be astounded at the colours and styles available today! And if you want to boost your home’s curb appeal, there truly is no better bang for the buck than brand new garage doors in Winnipeg.

  3. Security. Garage doors in Winnipeg have typically been the Achilles heel of home security. No longer! Garage door makers have taken security to a whole new level in recent years, including offering the option to eliminate keypads and remotes and activating the door mechanism with your smartphone, foiling would-be thieves and their code grabbers with rolling codes, and making untargetable emergency release systems.

  4. Safety. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of cases every year of injuries caused by falling or jamming garage doors, snapping springs and shattering glass. A garage door installation expert in Winnipeg can inspect your door and put your mind at ease.

  5. Better service. Garage door installers in Winnipeg are less busy in spring than in summer and fall. And unlike in winter when it’s bitter cold, in spring it’s not a problem leaving the doors open and the vehicles outside while the work is being done!

Have concerns about your garage doors in Winnipeg? Contact us at Transcona Overhead Doors! At Transcona Overhead Doors we’ve been serving the garage door needs of Winnipeggers for over forty years! Contact us today for a free estimate on a new garage door installation!


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