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5 Reasons Why Your Garage Door May Stop Working in Winter

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One of the greatest conveniences of having an attached garage is parking your car and entering your warm home without having to endure the elements outside. So when you pull up to your house after a long winter commute in Winnipeg, you fully expect those garage doors to open.

However, the wintertime can put significant strain on your garage doors in Winnipeg. While there is no good time for your garage doors to fail, the least of which is during the bitter cold of winter. Why Your Garage Door in Winnipeg May Fail in the Winter There are a number of reasons garage doors are more prone to failure in the wintertime. These are the most common causes: 1. Garage door opener remote. Forgetting to change the batteries in the garage door opener remote is one of the most common causes of failure in the winter. Batteries tend to lose their charge faster during this time of year, so have a new set of batteries on hand to avoid this inconvenience. 2. Lock handle. The lock handle on your garage door is a security feature that prevents your garage door from opening. In the hustle and bustle of getting ready to go in the winter, it’s easy to forget to unlatch it. Double check that it’s unlatched before attempting to open the door. 3. Safety sensor. Your garage door opener has safety sensors on each side. They create an invisible beam that stops the garage door from closing if there’s an object in the way. If your garage door won’t close, make sure there’s nothing obstructing it. If that doesn’t work, you may need to call a technician to have the safety sensor cleaned and realigned. 4. Garage door tracks. Your garage door in Winnipeg may fall off its tracks if there is snow and ice underneath the door and in the bottom of your tracks. This could cause the door to go crooked and become misaligned. If that happens, stop operating it immediately. A garage door technician will need to put your door back on its tracks. 5. Broken springs or cables. Springs and cables get worn over time. If they’re older, they're more prone to breaking when stiff from the cold. If your garage door opens just a few inches or not at all, you likely have a broken spring or cable. This is a more serious problem that requires a call to a technician. Finding a Garage Door Technician in Winnipeg Many things can cause your garage doors to fail in Winnipeg’s harsh winters. Attempting to fix some of these problems yourself can be dangerous, especially during this time of year. Tanrscona Overhead Doors Ltd is Winnipeg’s reliable, trustworthy garage door specialist. If you have a problem with your garage door, contact us immediately for a rapid response.


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