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5 Common Garage Door Problems

Your garage door in Winnipeg is probably the hardest working element in your home—and the most unheralded. It’s so easy to take for granted, and yet, when it does act up, it can mean serious trouble. Let’s look at five things that can go wrong with your overhead door in Winnipeg and what you can do to remedy these problems.

  1. Opens and closes at random. You don’t want to be leaving your home when you aren’t sure your door will stay closed in your absence. The first thing to check is if one of the transmitters is not sitting under a pile of papers or your dog is not using it as a chew toy. These occurrences can cause the control mechanism to be triggered inadvertently. Or check the frequency at which your transmitter operates and compare it with your neighbor’s. Maybe her transmitter is triggering your door.

  2. Doesn’t open or close. Check your keypad. Keys can get stuck with age. If it doesn’t activate the door and your remote works, there’s an issue with your keypad. If neither works then there could be something wrong with the receiver or the motor itself. Replace batteries in the remote and try again. Try the wall switch. If that doesn’t work make sure there’s power going to the motor by ensuring it’s plugged in and the breaker’s on.

  3. Jams while opening or closing. Lubricate the rollers. Your owner’s manual will tell you which lubricant to use. Check for any obstructions in the roller track. Check for broken rollers or any that are off-track. If this is the problem with your overhead door in Winnipeg, call us at Transcona Overhead Doors. We’ll send a technician to take stock of the situation.

  4. Won’t stay open or closed. If your door rolls down on its own, your torsion springs or cables may need to be adjusted or replaced. If it rolls up on its own, it probably means your torsion springs are too tight and need to be adjusted. In either case, call us. We’ve been servicing garage doors in Winnipeg for over 40 years and we can handle tricky torsion spring adjustment or replacement.

  5. Leaks. If your garage door in Winnipeg leaks during heavy weather, replace the seal. Make sure the new one is an exact fit. If leaks continue, it could be a sign of more significant structural issues like a bent door.

If you can’t remedy your leaky door, or you have another issue with your garage door in Winnipeg, get in touch with us at Transcona Overhead Doors. We’re happy to help!


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