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Safety at Your Door

Ramp up the security of your Winnipeg home with an overhead door.

High-quality Insulated Overhead Doors in Winnipeg 

You might not notice that you need a new garage door until your old one is damaged or someone attempts to break in. When you search for a garage door or overhead door, you want one that comes with a guarantee of performance and longevity. You want it to fit into your structure’s style and architecture. Be it extreme climate, or any other impact, garage doors should be made to last long and provide robust protection to your buildings and homes. 

With Transcona Overhead Doors Ltd, you’ll only get the best overhead doors in Winnipeg. We carry top brands that are proven to stand up to the elements. Our residential customers choose us for our excellent installation and repair services and custom garage door opener installation. We also offer customized bug screens that help keep out insects and other unwanted pests. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us, and we will be happy to help you find the perfect overhead doors.

Our Products and Services

Garage doors are one of the key elements for the security of any household. When you are planning to invest in one, hiring experts and acquiring high-quality products is important. Transcona Overhead Doors Ltd delivers on both these accounts. Have a look at the extensive range of products and services we specialize in: 

Garage door accessories - decorative handles, windows, weather shield

(decorative handles, windows, weather seal)

Frame Resizing

(to accommodate different sizes of doors)


(installation only, no repairs)

We supply overhead doors and accessories from the best manufacturers, thereby offering true value to our Winnipeg customers. Our highly skilled and experienced technicians deliver every project with utmost dedication and quality workmanship. Call us to discuss your requirements or hire our expert services.


Why Go for Insulated Garage Doors

At Transcona Overhead Doors Ltd, we also provide you with the option of installing energy-efficient insulated garage doors. An insulated garage door uses the insulation inside the door's structure as a buffer to separate the indoor and outdoor temperatures. By doing so, it protects your home from the extreme outdoor temperature and adds to your existing insulation 'envelope.' Our insulated overhead doors in Winnipeg help homeowners save money on heating bills by preventing the home's indoor hot or cold air from escaping. They also help you create a comfortable environment within your garage. Insulated overhead doors are especially advantageous if you have converted the garage area of your home into a usable space like an office or a gym. Listed below are some benefits of investing in insulated garage doors as opposed to their non-insulated counterparts:


  • Insulated garage doors prevent energy loss and can help you save money on high energy bills.

  • These doors are more durable and sturdy as they have more layers.

  • The soundproofing quality of insulated doors prevents outside noise from entering your home.

  • Insulated overhead doors increase the general comfort level of your house.

  • Even though insulated garage doors have a higher initial cost, their energy-saving benefits make them a cost-effective option.


If you want to learn more about insulated and non-insulated garage doors, please feel free to read our informative blog. You can also speak to a member of our team to ask any questions about our products or services.

How to Know If Your Overhead Doors Are Insulated

Do you want to make sure that the garage doors of your existing or new house are insulated? You do not have to hire an expert for this job. It’s a simple task that can be carried out without any professional assistance. Read on to learn some easy ways.


  • Measure the temperature of the overhead door: With an infrared thermometer, measure the temperature of the door from inside and outside. If your door is insulated, the temperature inside will be higher than outside during the winter season. On the other hand, the door will be hotter from outside during the summer season. If the temperature is the same on both sides, the door is not insulated.

  • Check the panel design: If the panel design is visible only from the outside, your door is insulated. The door is non-insulated if you can see the panel design on both sides.

  • Check the number of layers in the door: Door manufacturers increase the insulation by increasing the number of layers in it. Insulated doors have more than two layers. If your door has a single layer, you can be sure that it is non-insulated.

  • Check the manufacturer’s website: If you know the name of your door manufacturer and the door model, you can easily determine if your door is insulated. All you have to do is check the details of your overhead door model on the manufacturer’s website. 


Transcona Overhead Doors Ltd offers a wide variety of insulated and non-insulated overhead doors. You can view our image gallery to browse the products we have installed or simply visit us. We look forward to meeting you.

Few Things to Remember When Choosing a Garage Door

Overhead doors are not bought often. So, make sure that you invest wisely in a high-quality product. Here are a few things you should consider when getting a new door for your garage:


Good Design 

A garage door can work wonders for the look of your house when the right design is selected. Ideally, the door should complement your windows, main door, and roofing.



Garage doors are available in many different price ranges. To make sure you pick the perfect one for yourself, always keep your budget in mind and ask for estimates.


Insulation and Ventilation

Insulation and ventilation are key to a garage’s functionality. With suitable choices, you can make your garages and adjacent rooms more comfortable.



With electric door openers, you can get unmatched convenience and control for the new garage door you are installing.

At Transcona Overhead Doors Ltd, not only do we offer the best overhead doors in Winnipeg, but we also assist you in choosing the best one. Whether it’s the installation of custom garage door openers or the installation and repair of garage doors, we can help you with it all. Get in touch with us if you would like to consult us or check out our products.

garage door opener

Garage Won’t Open?

We can repair your broken garage door and electric garage opener.

Garage doors

Gallery of Garage Doors

Peruse photos of garages, openers, and bug screens we’ve installed.


Need Garage Door Installation?

We’re pleased to offer top-grade garage door installation.

Why Choose Transcona Overhead Doors Ltd?

Our founder, Ken Drewry, opened Transcona Overhead Doors Ltd in Winnipeg over 40 years ago, and his son Steven joined him in the business more than 20 years ago. Together they've built a reputation for trustworthy garage and overhead door installation in Winnipeg and the greater Manitoba area. Some of the reasons to choose us over our competitors include:


  • Our team values customer relationships and is committed to on-time delivery of services with zero compromises on quality.

  • We offer a workmanship guarantee.

  • With us, you can always be sure that your product will last for many years to come.

  • We make it a priority to provide efficient, well-trained technicians who ensure fast services. 

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For quality overhead doors in Winnipeg, reach out to Transcona Overhead Doors Ltd. Our team of helpful professionals will be glad to assist you in meeting your garage door requirements. Contact us today for more details.

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